Visiting an abandoned orphanage

This weekend, in a small village in the south of Paris, we visited an abandoned orphanage. I think it was closed sometime around 1990. 20 years ago. This is the pictures I took with my digital camera. I'll post more (and I think better) pictures later, when they are developed and scanned (in a few weeks or months).

We spent 3 hours there, and we only visited half of it. It's big. We need to come back an other time to see the other parts.

Apparently, they used to have horses. We saw stables, a barn half collapsed, a tennis court, some offices, small houses, a small church, something like a restaurant or canteen, kitchens, a few other buildings with rooms. A big forest. And there is an other group of buildings that we will visit next time.

This place is a little scary, I'm not sure I would like to stay there alone at night.

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